Hey there! I'm Ramy and this is where I share what I'm working on & learning.

I'm always happy to chat with customers, founders, or anyone interested in making things.

The best way to get in touch is by email at ramy@rocketgems.com, but you can also find me on Twitter.

P.S. The name "Rocket Gems" does't mean anything - I just liked it and the domain was available.


I've been working on my own products full-time since 2018 and part-time long before that. I share a bit more about my approach here. Hovercode is now my main focus, but here are some of my projects outside of that:

  • Shoutout Active

    The easy way to collect and publish testimonials & social proof

  • Memo.fm Active

    An easy way for podcasters to get voice messages from listeners

  • PDF Deck Active

    The easy way to share your PDF as a link

  • Page Flows Sold

    User flow videos & screenshots to inspire designers & product managers

  • Screenjar Sold

    A super simple way to request screen recordings from your customers

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