Here's what I've been working on (in no particular order). I share more about how I decide what to work on here

  • Page Flows Active

    User flow videos & screenshots to inspire designers & product managers

  • Hovercode Active

    Generate QR codes for your brand

  • Feedback Lane Active

    A simple feedback widget for your website

  • Hirekite Active

    Design job board

  • Active

    An easy way for podcasters to get voice messages from listeners

  • Screenlane Active

    App design inspiration (formerly UI Movement)

  • Page Collective Active

    Landing page design inspiration

  • Screenjar Sold

    A super simple way to request screen recordings from your customers

  • Inbox Flows Sold

    Email design inspiration

I've worked on a whole bunch of other things, but if I didn't mention them here, they likely didn't get anywhere.