I don’t have a topic to cover, but I'm on a train with nothing better to do so I thought I’d share a quick progress update.

I built a few products last year with the aim of getting my shipping juices flowing, while also planting some seeds for potential future businesses.

Now that Hovercode, Memo.fm, and Feedback Lane have been live for a while, I have some ideas of what I’d like to do with them.

Hovercode is the only one of the three that I haven’t launched on Product Hunt, but despite that, it’s getting some decent usage.

Every day, people find their way to the site and create QR codes. Those QR codes are being scanned (~1,700 scans so far).

The usage isn’t huge, but it’s promising. So promising, in fact, that I made the decision to spend a few months on Hovercode to try increase usage and get some paying customers.

It’s going well so far, but the main question that remains is whether enough people are willing to pay for QR code related tools.

There are clearly a lot of businesses that use QR codes, but there are also plenty of free or cheap QR code tools that work quite well. Does this leave room for Hovercode to become a decent business? I’m not sure.

I’m trying to find out by focussing the product around more advanced features that people seem to expect to pay for (like custom domains). Figuring out this “willingness to pay” question is my current priority.

While I’ve been focussing on Hovercode, Memo.fm has been doing decently well.

It was pretty slow post-launch, but people have recently been signing up occasionally upgrading (there are six paying customers so far). Again, the numbers are tiny, but it’s still awesome to see some growth without any active promotion.

Feedback Lane, on the other hand, hasn’t grown at all. It’s been stuck at one paying customer since launch and there’s no sign of that changing.

While this is disappointing, it’s not hugely surprising. The market for feedback tools is pretty saturated.

Page Flows continues to be my main focus, but both Hovercode and Memo.fm continue to show promise. Outside of Page Flows, I’m going to keep pushing ahead with Hovercode. I usually move on from projects too quickly, so even if I struggle to find paying Hovercode customers for a while, I want to keep at it for longer than I normally do.

There’s a reasonable chance that I'll give Memo.fm some attention too, but just not for a few weeks.