After selling Screenjar, I've been spending all of my work time on Page Flows, Screenlane, and SaaS Paths. All three are similar, differing mostly in positioning.

I am aware that in business, focus is key, but I've come to terms with the fact that I work better when my time is split between multiple projects. It's not optimal, but it works for me. My current goal, outside of growing the products mentioned above, is to get traction with a product in a different category.

I'll be working towards this goal part-time, while spending most of my time on the existing products.

I've tried various methods of evaluating ideas over the last few years and what's worked best so far is the "portfolio of small bets" approach. I'll be doing some cold emailing and having "mom test" type conversations with potential customers, but I'll mostly be building tiny products and putting them out there to see how the market reacts.

The main pitfall I need to avoid is spending too much time building before getting feedback, so I'll be limiting each build to 10 days (ideally closer to ~5). This hugely limits the scope of what I can build, but it should be enough to build products that deliver a nugget of value that can be built upon if the feedback is promising.

That's essentially my plan for the next few months. After launching ~5-6 tiny products, I'll circle back to the one or two that show the most promise, then switch my focus to iterating, marketing, and growing them.