A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by James for the Indie Bites podcast. The episode is now live:

As it was my first time on a podcast*, I wanted to share my experience for anyone else with an upcoming interview.

Once James reached out and asked if I was up being on the podcast, we scheduled a time for the recording. James later messaged me to let me know that he's behind schedule and suggested we do prep call instead.

The prep call

I'm glad this happened. It was essentially a casual chat over Zoom. I hadn't met James before, so it was nice to hear his story and share mine. I really wish we recorded this conversation.

Buying a mic

During the prep call, James suggested that using a microphone that's better than the default laptop one would be a good idea. He even offered to send me one to borrow.

I decided it was worth shelling out ~$50 or so for a microphone so I could use it on future interviews, video calls etc.

There are plenty of great options, but I went with the Samson Go Mic because it's tiny and sounds decent enough. I live in a reasonably small flat and didn't really want a bulky mic taking up space.

Hitting record

On the day of recording, James & I chatted for a bit and all was good. I was a bit nervous before the call, but didn't realise how different it would feel once James started recording. I figured it was just a video chat with a fellow founder, which I do all the time. My brain didn't agree.

As soon as we were recording I was way more nervous and couldn't respond to any questions without rambling on. Regardless, James did a good job of keeping the conversation flowing and did an even better job of editing.

I honestly wasn't sure the podcast would be published.

I'm not sure there are any lessons in this, I just wanted to share my experience. Next time I'm on a podcast, I'll try going for a run or doing some form of exercise beforehand to try relax. Maybe a beer would help too.

*I actually recorded a few podcasts over a decade ago while dabbling with the format, but it was so long ago I hardly remember the experience