Before the new year, I wrote a quick reflection on 2020 with the plan to add an update after spending a few days doing very little work.

It's the first full week of 2021 and, honestly, there's not much to add. After having some time to think and reflect, my conclusion hasn't really changed.

After spending an insane amount of time in the last couple of years learning about various market categories, having conversations with potential customers, and trying to research my way to the next Page Flows, I'm going to switch back to what's worked better for me: Creating interesting things and getting them in front of people who might benefit from them.

I'll be doing this with the aim of continuing to grow Page Flows and getting another product to a similar revenue level to where Page Flows was after year one.

The things I create could be articles, videos, podcast episodes, websites, etc. The format doesn't really matter.

If I create over 50 pieces of original content of in 2021, I'd count that as a win. I'd be surprised if I managed that and didn't make decent progress growing Page Flows and getting a good start with another product.