I always enjoy seeing which products founders use so I thought I'd share the ones I use, what I use them for, and how much they cost.



I use DigitalOcean to host all of my products (which are mostly built with Django). I also use their "volume storage" product. I've hosted with AWS before, but found DigitalOcean way easier to use and manage.

Across my products, this currently costs $295 per month, but that should be decreasing in coming months wind down some more resource intensive products.


I've been a Buffer customer for many years and mainly use their API to automatically schedule posts for the Screenlane Twitter account. The API doesn't seem to be a priority for them so I'm open to switching, but there doesn't seem to be any solid alternatives for the price and it still works for me.

$10 per month


I use Calendly to make it easy for people to book meetings with me. I mostly needed this for the "Book a demo" flow for Screenjar. I could have probably got away with the free plan, but decided to upgrade at some point.

$8 per month (I got the yearly plan at $96)


Transactional emails (password resets emails etc). One of my favourite products - easy to navigate & set up, great company, and super reasonable pricing.

$10 per month


Also transactional email. I probably need to cancel this and move a couple projects over to Postmark.

$14.95 per month


This is a URL to image API which I use to automatically take screenshots of emails for Page Flows (emails sent as part of a user flow are captured. You can see an example at the bottom of this page)

$29 per month


This is used to process images, automatically create thumbnails of uploaded images etc. I'll likely stop using this soon as I'm winding down most of the products I used it for.

~$50 per month

Email Octopus

I just stated using this to send all of my newsletters.

~$100 per month

Google Workspace or G-Suite or whatever it's called these days

I use this to create email accounts with custom domains mainly. I hate it.

~$15 per month


I made the landing page for Metapine with this. Great tool.

$1.58 per month!!! ($19 per year)


Some other bits and bobs the business has paid for reasonably recently


I use Stripe to handle payments and they take a cut of revenue for that.

Refactoring UI

A simple, practical book on UI design. This has come in handy a few times and I use some of the icons that came with it on.


Sales for founders

Says it in the name. A course and a community for founders who want to learn sales. I still get involved in the community from time to time.


Profitable newsletters

A course about creating profitable newsletters. I'll be honest, I haven't gone through any of this yet.


Software ideas

A newsletter which shares ideas for software businesses (cancelled subscription).

$19 per month

Niche SaaS

Another newsletter which shares ideas for software businesses (cancelled subscription).

~$6 per month ($70 per year)


Super happy to pay for this, highly recommended.

~$100 per month

Reddit Ads

Experimented with some ads, didn't really get anywhere with it.


GIF Brewery

For recording gifs (mainly for Screenlane)


Free products

I'd likely pay for these if I had to and there were no free alternatives.


CDN, caching, protection from DDOS attacks etc

Whereby & Zoom

I use both of these for video meetings

I also use Notion sometimes, but mostly default to using the Apple notes app.

That's actually more than I expected. If you have any questions about any of these, whether I'd recommend them etc, let me know.