Like many indie hacker types, I have a problem with domain buying addiction. I thought it would be fun to share some unused ones and what I planned to do with them (or actually did with them, but then gave up on).

I'll let most of these expire, but if you're interested in buying any, please let me know.

I bought this many years ago planning on making a news site about Bitcoin. They were selling for about $5 a pop at the time and I got the feeling that they would become more interesting over the coming years. I never kept the blog up and should have spent the domain money on coins. Buying BTC wasn't super convenient back then, so I didn't bother buying any. What a fool.

Private podcast hosting for creating membership podcasts or podcasts for employees etc (I still love this name)

A marketplace where people could buy and sell datasets (in the form of spreadsheets)

A moodboard builder

An email powered gratitude journal. You get an email every night asking you what you were grateful for that day and your responses are collected for you and shown in future emails.

One of my early sites which let people share and upvote code learning resources.

The initial name for (it was initially supposed to be a usability testing tool).

A sidebar widget people could add to their sites to make it easy for customers to find help articles etc without having to navigate to a different page. Lots of help desks include this sort of feature now.

A tiny screen recording tool I built and then killed

A tool to make nice pages for upcoming events (virtual or real events). Kinda like Luma

A newsletter that shared resources about customer development and asked you if you'd spoken to users in the previous week.

A toolset for converting web HTML elements to email safe HTML e.g. Tweet -> email HTML tweet,

A poll/survey builder that would allow for one click responses in emails

A simple invoicing tool for freelancers

The previous name for (newsletter that features interesting APIs)

What was I thinking?


I've been getting better at not buying domains recently, so hopefully most of these will expire or be sold and I'll own way less domain names in a year or so.